Tri-State G&T Annual Report

Tri-State G&T is a regional electric cooperative, serving smaller, rural electric cooperatives along the Rocky Moutain front range. The theme of the annual report, Power with a Purpose, was meant to focus on the mission and purpose of the company: connecting and empowering communities across the rural West. This meant a heavy focus on people and human stories, which presented a special challenge in a document that is largely meant to convey financial information.

The final result eschewed much of the superfluous decoration, data tables, and charts and graphs that typically fill annual reports. In fact, only one spread featured financial charts. Instead, large, crisp photos of executives, engineers, linemen, the vast landscapes in which the company operates, and the faces of the people who Tri-State serves, are featured. Financial information and company updates were conveyed in the form of articles that told the story of the human impact that Tri-State has made in the past year, and gave readers an understanding of how financial decisions have made a difference to people in the rural West.