David Hamil DC Tie

In October 2016, the David A. Hamil DC Tie in Stegall, Nebraska turned 40 years old. The tie is important because it was the first successful connection made between the two main power grids in the United States: The Eastern and Western Interconnect. To celebrate the tie’s 40-year history of successful operation, an anniversary party was held at the tie and attended by local and state officials and electrical engineers from around the region.

A special booklet was made for the event. Being the first printed piece about the tie since 1983, this booklet draws heavily upon the original brochure’s aesthetics, and incorporates never before published historical photos of some of the most advanced electrical engineering technologies of the 20th century. A promotional video was also created, in collaboration with Jon Giehl, for the anniversary.

Video produced in collaboration with John Giehl